Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm All Shook Up

Hey Rats! Welcome to the Render Rat Sketch Blog! 

I was hoping not to be the first poster but it seems someone has to kick off these shenanigans! I'll let Enrique fill our future audience in on what sort of things we have in store for them via this blog. But this week we're just offering up an introduction of sorts for each artist via a scribble we managed to shake out this week.

My name is Ryan Bowlin and I present to you this fantastically disgusting ballpoint pen sketch of Zombie Elvis. I currently live in Chicago, IL and have worked in the games industry creating all manner of art for the last six years or so. You'll usually find me scratching out gelatinous, thick necked, grotesque things for fun. I suppose I just relate to them as a man of girth myself. ;o)

If you're interested in learning what makes me tick or seeing more of my art you can find a portal to my madness via!

Thanks for stopping in and MAY THE RAT RENDERING BEGIN! Ha!

- Ryan

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